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Our Mission

BC Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders Association has a sole purpose: To act as One Voice for Thoroughbred owners & breeders in British Columbia.

Our goal is to promote the racing, breeding, ownership and marketing of Thoroughbred horses.

We aim to provide leadership to the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry through education, training, employment and promotion.

We are available to assist members in dealing with race track operators, governmental agencies and international industry organizations.

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Constitution & Bylaws

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BC Horse Racing Industry Management Committee Meeting June 9, 2011. Download Presentation (PDF).

BC Horse Racing Industry Management Committee Meeting October 15, 2010. Download Presentation (PDF).

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Ole Nielsen

Ole Nielsen

Director and President
Has been involved extensively in the Thoroughbred industry as Owner of Canmor Farms racing since 1970 and Canmor Farms in Aldergrove since 1976. Ole has been a past president and director of several industry organizations.
William (Bill) Stewart

William (Bill) Stewart

Vice President
Owner and operator of Black Canyon Thoroughbreds, involved since 1992 as a Breeder consigning yearlings to sales and as an owner racing.
Ralph Jesiak

Ralph Jesiak

Owner and operator since 1981 of Bronco J Farms in Langley, a name under which he races as well. A current director and vice-president of CTHS (BC Division).
J.S. Steve McDonald

J.S. Steve McDonald

Breeder since 1981, he was the Owner and operator of Cable Farm in Lexington, Kentucky for 7 years in addition to his current Canadian racing operation.
Horatio Kemeny

Horatio Kemeny

Director and Vice-President
Co-owner with Mark Mache of Swift Thoroughbreds since 2001 and a director of several software and technology companies.
Bud Mallette

Bud Mallette

Director and Secretary
Senior Investment Advisor with Canaccord Wealth Management. He was involved initially in Partnerships and has been a prominent Owner in his own right since 2004.
R.J. Russ Bennett

R.J. Russ Bennett

Owner and Operator of Flying Horse Farm in West Kelowna, the Bennetts have been consigners to the yearling sales and have bred and raced many many horses since 1960.


Be heard as a Voting Member of the Association

No annual fees for Voting Members

Must hold a current Owner's License, or Must be a current member of C.T.H.S. (BC Division)

Click here to Download the Membership Application (PDF; revised April 2011)

Click here to Download the Owners Voluntary Donation Form (PDF; posted April 2011)

Please Email, Fax or Mail your application to:

#201 - 17687 56A Avenue
Surrey, BC
V3S 1G4

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Fax to: 604-575-8699